Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rantings of a Crazy Chemo Brain

Day 118 - Back in Bed. Happy that I got to visit a bit with my favorite stalkers
Taffi and Patty at HCJH today (and hug on Mr. Winger, aka. "Cookie").
Wait for it... Wait for it...
Day 119 - Oh the crazy stuff I come up with!
  • My hair has started growing back. It's crazy though, super-fine, blond (maybe grey) baby hair except for right down the middle of my head (it's darker and a bit stronger). Oh, and there are random hairs that are about a quarter of an inch longer than the others. This should be interesting!
  • So, if that hair is growing back that means...... DANG IT!! I had to shave my  pits today!!! First time in months!!! It was only a few, random hairs, but still!!! I was hoping that maybe my body would decide that hair in "certain areas" wasn't really necessary and concentrate all it's energy on the top of my head, my eyebrows and my eyelashes!! For some reason it's put quite a bit of energy into my chin!! Ugh!! Oh, and I only just noticed today that I have basically no hair on my forearms - didn't get to fully appreciate that! Although, I've been told that there is a chance that my hair could fall out again by the end of chemo.  What exactly am I hoping for here...?
  • HOT FLASHES SUCK!!! Enough said.
  • If I have to take naps, then EVERYONE should have to nap too!! That way I'm not missing out on anything! Come on people, naps are fun!!
  • I miss swimming.
  • You'd think that after 18 chemo sessions and at least that many labs, that I wouldn't still have panic attacks that I forget to put my lidocaine cream on my alien port to numb it before they poke me. NOPE!
  • I want chicken.
  • Where'd my pinkie toenail go?


  1. Ah, yeah, chin hairs! You're just trying to keep up with me! <3

    1. Keeping up with the chin hairs... yup, that's me!!