Tuesday, August 6, 2013


The Faces of Chemo:
Day 87 - 6:30pm, in my pj's and ready for some Die Hard action.
Day 88 - It's been a pretty good day!
Day 89 - Lazy day with my Chach
‪Day 90 - Back to school shopping... ‪#‎cancerisstupid‬ ‪#‎stickaforkinme

Day 91 - Eeeeeekkk! Shea Fragoso, YOU ROCK!!!!! Thank you SO MUCH for bringing a little JM to me since I couldn't make it to him!! Made my week!!!! ‪#‎cancerisstupid‬ ‪#‎iheartjm‬ ‪#‎mayerisback
Day 92 - Chemo #6 of 12 with my Chemo Buddy Sharon! Half-way done!!  
Day 93 - Listening to my body.

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