Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ups and Downs

 The Faces of Chemo: Day 108 - Hangin' with the boys.
 Day 109 - Bren's Bday Celebration Continues....

Day 110 - Veggin' today.... ALL DAY.

 Day 111 - HAPPY 18th ANNIVERSARY!!!
Feeling pretty run down and achy today. Spent most of yesterday in bed.
I know that chemo is dealing my cancer it's final blow over the next few weeks,
but I'd like to NOT be a total zombie while it happens.
Day 112 - Chemo is trying to kick my butt... pretty sure this will make me feel better!
Saw Lady Doc Onc this morning (my Doc Onc was out of town - not that you needed to know that). Good News: I've been anemic pretty much this whole time, but NOT ANYMORE!! Bad News: My white blood cell count (the little guys that help fight off infection and sickness) is pretty low again. I need that to come up so I don't get sick and so I don't have to go in for injections or mess up chemo. Come on Prayer Warriors, I would really like to make a strong finish over the next 4 weeks!

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