Friday, August 16, 2013

95 - 99

The Faces of Chemo: Day 95 - Home alone and chillin'.
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 Day 96 - Ain't too tired to get my grub on!
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Day 97 - I REALLY needed a PINK dipped cone! 
So, just in case I had you all fooled that I REALLY was Wonder Woman, I have a prayer request.... This is week 7 of my weekly chemo visits. It seems that my body is now finding it harder to bounce back each week. The fatigue is creeping back in on me and now I'm starting to experience numbness and tingling in my hands (neuropathy). I see Doc Onc tomorrow, so we'll see what he says. I could really use some more of that Super Human Strength (don't want my chemo schedule to get derailed). I promise to only use my powers for good!! Thanks! ♥
Day 98 - Saw Doc Onc today and upon examination he declared,
"It's probably down 70%!"
Woo-hoo, thank you Jesus!!! We just need the neuropathy to "chill" so we
can finish the last 5 chemo treatments! 
 Day 99 - Chemo 7 of 12 with my Chemo Buddy, Angie!
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Hey Cancer! I mustache you a question... How scared are you right now?!

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