Friday, August 16, 2013

Days 101 - 107

 The Faces of Chemo:
Day 101 - A little girlfriend time with my pal, Sharon!

Day 102 - Surprise afternoon date with The Hubs.
 Day 103 - Layin' low on the last day of Summer Vacation.
To my boys - Sorry for the Bummer Summer.
Thank you for making the best of it AND for looking after me. Love you both BUNCHES!!

 Day 104 - Back to School (and Mama needs to go back to bed!).

 Day 105 - Baking seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I just need a nap!

Day 106 - TWO Chemo Buddies - Lidia & Joi!!! Thanks Gals! Love ya!!
Arms feeling a bit tingly after Chemo #8. Only 4 more sessions to go!!!!
Come on body, fight it!!! We can do this!!!!!
feeling determined.

Day 107 - Happy 14th Birthday, Brendan!! 


  1. You look great! Bake it off, girly. That's how I got through mine.

    1. Thanks Colette!! I've been trying to bake at least once a week. I like to take treats for my Chemo Crew! :)