Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Faces of Chemo

So, I decided to start taking a picture of myself everyday throughout this
chemo craziness (I may regret this later!).  Here are the first 8 days...

Day 1, Session 1

Day 2
Shot Day - And it's freaking 97 outside!

Day 3 - Day of Rest

Day 4 - Enjoying some fresh air.

Day 5 - Matthew broke me out of isolation to go have breakfast. We ended up waiting almost an hour for a table. I've spent the rest of the day sleeping to make up for our little excursion. Was nice to get out with my boy though.

Day 6 - Lovin the peek-a-boo, paper towel shirt they gave me for my node post-op...

Day 7 - recharging my battery with my Bible study gals!

Day 8 - Rolled out of bed to pick up my boy!

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