Friday, May 10, 2013


It's just gonna take too long to get this blog caught up, so here's what's happened in a nutshell:

February: Found a Lump. Made a doctor's appointment.
April 1:  Saw the Doctor for a girlie check-up. Yup, there's a lump.
April 3:  Diagnostic Mamogram & Ultrasound. Big, bad lump on the right.
Found a small lump on the left side too.
April 4:  Lumps biopsied
April 5: Yup, the one on the right is CANCER!
April 10:  Meet my Surgeon, Dr. Thompson.
April 12:  Meet my Oncologist, Dr. Stevenson and
Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Kurohara
April 16:  My Tumor Board Meets and Dr. Thompson gives us the break down...
chemo first or surgery first?
April 17:  Ecocardiogram
April 18: Chest/Ab/Pelvis CT
April 19:  Dr. Stevenson gives us the go for chemo.
Every other week for 8 weeks, then once a week for 12 weeks.
April 22:  Meet with plastic surgeon.
April 24:  Alien Port installed.
April 25:  Sentinal Node Biopsy
May 1:  Chemo starts.
May 6:  Post-op with Dr. Thomspon - NODES ARE CLEAR!!
So, now you're caught up!

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