Wednesday, September 25, 2013


9/16/13: First Monday in 12-weeks that I don't have to go get poked for labs!!!
Hmmm... I may just stay in my pj's a little bit longer this morning!!
The Faces of Chemo: Day 139
A whole lotta nappin' goin' on today. Gotta remember it's going to take some time before I'll start feeling "normal". #cancerisstupid #toopoopedtoparty
Day 140 - Strange day... dead battery, Bible study turned angry city council meeting, unexpected lunch dates.... I'm pooped! #cancerisstupid #gottahavefaithpeople #takeiteasy

Crazy hot flashes are outta control this morning - hittin' me every 5-10 minutes since about 3AM. You'd think I'd be cranky, but nah.... cuz whoop-whoop it's HUMP DAAAAY!! (This commercial always makes me giggle!) :P

Feels REALLY strange not to be prepping for chemo.......

Day 141 - No Chemo Wednesday with the Hubs!!
Dialog while taking today's "chemo" picture...
Me: "Eeewww, I look horrible today! Take another one!"
Matthew: "How are you gonna change the way you look? It's today, not tomorrow!"
Me: "Just take the picture."

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