Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Cupcakes Stay!

The Faces of Chemo: Day 148
Hangin' with Doc Onc.
Word is, I'm keepin' my cupcakes!!
We've scheduled a quick lumpectomy for Oct. 17th (home the same day).
4 weeks after that we'll start radiation - not much longer now! Thank you, Jesus!!!
#cancerisstupid #doconcismyhomeboy #gettinthejobdone
Other good news... I can start ordering salads and raw fruits/veg in restaurants again!!
(I wasn't able to before because my white blood cell count was low due to chemo
and we didn't want to risk getting sick!)
So, I'm finished taking my daily "Faces of Chemo" pictures.
I'll be posting random "selfies", but it will be a nice break not having to take a picture EVERY day!

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