Monday, December 30, 2013

Radiation Re-Cap and Stuff

Last week of radiation and I realized that I haven't updated my blog since I started! So, I'm just gonna add some of my posts from Facebook to get everything caught up!
December 6th
Early zap session the morning so I have go have a weekend with my girls!!!! Woo-hoo!! Have a great one, y'all!!!! — at Ruby L Golleher Oncology Center

December 9th
Anyone else movin' S.L.O.W. this morning? Maybe getting zapped this AM will recharge my battery... a girl can hope anyway!! Happy Monday!!! — at Ruby L Golleher Oncology Center.
Got a GREAT report from my radiation oncologist today!! He said that my skin is reacting to the radiation "way better than average" and that I am doing GREAT!! 18 sessions down and 17 more to go!! Over half-way done!!!!!!!
December 10 (From Jesus Calling)
 Make Me the focal point of your search for security. In your private thoughts, you are still trying to order your world so that it is predictable and feels safe. Not only is this an impossible goal, but it is also counterproductive to spiritual growth. When your private world feels unsteady and you grip My hand for support, you are living in conscious dependence on Me.
 Instead of yea...rning for a problem-free life, rejoice that trouble can highlight your awareness of My Presence. In the darkness of adversity, you are able to see more clearly the radiance of My Face. Accept the value of problems in this life, considering them pure joy. Remember that you have an eternity of trouble-free living awaiting you in heaven.
“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”
—Isaiah 41:10
 Even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast.
—Psalm 139:10
 Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds.
—James 1:2

December 12th
Computers were down this morning when I got here, but it looks like they got them up and running!! I'm just gonna hang out and wait to get zapped! Happy Thursday!!! — at Ruby L Golleher Oncology Center.
Still waiting, but my favorite zapper, Andrei, brought me a warm blanket to wrap up in while I wait.
They should really consider serving coffee and donuts here at radiation. Just sayin'......

December 16th
23rd radiation blast - DONE! 12 more to go. Starting to feel a little more fatigued than before, but nothing I can't handle and NOTHING like chemo fatigue!! Doc Y said that my skin looks so good that once I've recovered, you probably won't even be able to tell that I've had radiation. I like the sound of that!!

I met a sweet little lady this morning. She was there for her first session. I spoke with her daughter while she waited. They were both very nervous and the daughter cried a little. It felt good to be able to share with them and reassure them that the hard stuff was behind them. Looking forward to seeing her again tomorrow.

December 17th
Got to hug a super sweet lady today as she went in for her LAST zap! The joy in her smile was awesome!! Blessed to have been there!!

December 18th
Not the most convenient time of year for radiation fatigue to start setting in. Having a little trouble focusing on tasks and finishing them. The house is a mess. Need to get a few more decorations out of the garage. Shopping isn't done. Wanted to start doing some baking... Better add a few naps to that list. Oh well, I've still got a few more days to get things done!
And God was all, "Silly girl! Didn't I tell you that I'd give you what you need? Didn't we agree that you'd leave everything up to me? I haven't let you down yet, have I?"
And I was like, "I'm a dork and sometimes I need a little reminder. Thank you, loving and faithful Father."
December 20th
So, probably an over-share, but this is what I have seen every picture day (once a week) at radiation. At first I referred to it as "Frankenboob making shadow puppets" and then I started calling it "watching the sunrise" because as the panel would come up, it really was like watching the sun come up over the mountains! Just another one of my crazy observations!

Radiation Update: For the last 28 sessions, I've had full-breast radiation. They've been shooting photons into Frankenboob and into my armpit and lymph nodes from 3 different angles (photons go deeper into my body/tissue). One more session like that to go. Then probably on Tuesday, we'll start what they call "blast". I'll get zapped with photons from the back that are targeted at some more lymph nodes. They will also blast me with electrons (they only go just under the surface) that zero in on my incision site. This is to make sure that no microscopic villains got left behind when they were removing the bad stuff. We'll do it that way till Jan. 3rd. Sooooooo close to being DONE!!!!

December 21st (From Jesus Calling)
My plan for your life is unfolding before you. Sometimes the road you are traveling seems blocked, or it opens up so painfully slowly that you must hold yourself back. Then, when time is right, the way before you suddenly clears—through no effort of your own. What you have longed for and worked for I present to you freely, as pure gift. You feel awed by the ease with which I operate i...n the world, and you glimpse My Power and My Glory.
Do not fear your weakness, for it is the stage on which My Power and Glory perform most brilliantly. As you persevere along the path I have prepared for you, depending on My strength to sustain you, expect to see miracles—and you will. Miracles are not always visible to the naked eye, but those who live by faith can see them clearly. Living by faith, rather than sight, enables you to see My Glory.
I have seen you in the sanctuary and beheld your power and your glory.
—Psalm 63:2
We live by faith, not by sight.
—2 Corinthians 5:7
Then Jesus said, “Did I not tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?”
—John 11:40

December 23rd
Gettin' it done folks, gettin' it done!!! Got to pray with my little friend this morning. If you think of it, please say a prayer for her too, she is weak and in a lot of pain, but we know that God is good!!! Happy Monday! — at Ruby L Golleher Oncology Center.

December 24th
'Twas the day before Christmas and I'm getting zapped!!! Thank you for your prayers! My little friend looked great today! Slow down and be blessed!! — at Ruby L Golleher Oncology Center.

My nurses just LOVE me! They gave me a Christmas present.... orders to have labs drawn!! I think I'll wait til after Christmas to open that one!! Gee, thanks ladies!!
So.......... I might be having a bad hair day. Woo-hoo!!!! Finally!!!!!
December 25th
Feeling overwhelmed with gratitude as I sit here in the quiet of Christmas morning and reflect on the last year. God has been SO GOOD and I am so thankful for all of the love and support that has been showered upon me and my family. Thank you ALL for that gift!! We are truly blessed by YOU!!  
December 28th
It's 7:52 on this last Saturday morning of 2013, and I'm still sitting snuggled under the covers in my warm bed. I am thankful for two days off from radiation before hitting the home stretch of my last four treatments. I'm thankful for this quiet time to sit and reflect on the last year (and oh, what a year!), and to look forward to the new year. God's got something big in store, I just know it. ...I can feel it deep in my heart, way down in my core. Everything I've faced in 2013 wasn't for nothing. It was to prepare me for the amazing adventure ahead. I don't know what that is going to look like or even what that means, but I'm ready! I don't want to miss a single thing, a single moment, a single blessing, a single opportunity. Eyes wide open. Heart wide open. Arms wide open.
December 30th
Last Monday morning zap!!! Wow!! Time flies! Please pray for my little friend, she's experiencing terrible back pain and anxiety again and hasn't been able to sleep. I told her we'd be praying for her! Have a great day, y'all!! — at Ruby L Golleher Oncology Center.

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