Sunday, June 9, 2013


Day 30 - Mommy bought me ice cream after my shot.

Day 31 - Playing with a new look!

Day 32 - How 'bout red? Seriously, it ain't easy posting a picture of myself EVERY DAY!! #goofball
Day 33 - No taste today. Everything is like cardboard. Even water is kinda yucky. 

Day 34 - Afternoon treat!

Day 35 - Girls' Night In #lovemymama

Day 36 - The guys are at Cubs vs. Angels game #2 and we're watching at home. Go Cubbies!

Day 37 - We got grass! (The yard variety, that is!) 

Day 38 - "Red" made her first public appearance today. Got my toes did and now I'm relaxin' in the backyard. 

Day 39 - Chemo patient and son hangin' by the fire #neverleavethehouselikethat #lookinglikeagiantbaby

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