Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Faces of Chemo: Days 31-56

31 Playing with a new look!, 32  How 'bout red? Seriously, it ain't easy posting a picture of myself EVERY DAY!!, 33 No taste today. Everything is like cardboard. Even water is kinda yucky., 34 Afternoon treat!, 35 Girls' Night In, 36 The guys are at Cubs vs. Angels game #2 and we're watching at home. Go Cubbies!, 37 We got grass! (The yard variety, that is!), 38"Red" made her first public appearance today. Got my toes did and now I'm relaxin' in the backyard., 39 Chemo patient and son hangin' by the fire, 40 Time flies when you're having..... chemo?, 41 Brendan's 8th Grade Graduation, 42 The graduation celebration continues!, 43 Last of the Red Chemo!!!
My "Stubhawk"! Unfortunately, my bald spots made it so I couldn't have a perfectly centered hawk. I've always been a bit "off center" anyway!

44 Last Neulasta shot = ice cream cone!, 45 Tired and Cranky, 46 Made it to the beach for Matthew's belated birthday celebration, 47 Father's Day with my Daddy!, 48 Plain and unassuming. No one will ever guess my true identity!, 49 Gettin' silly! Thanks, Maija!, 50 DAY 50!!!!!!!!!!!! Whew, I need a nap!, 51 Of course I had to get this wig, it's called "Vintage Vixen"! , 52 Summer dinning al fresco with the chef, 53 Hangin' with my Mama. Nails did and tummies fed, 54 I've been in a poopy mood for a few days now. Really starting to annoy myself!, 55 Enough already, Mrs. Cranky pants! Time to buck up, Buttercup!, 56 My Happy Place (until I can go back to Disneyland), on the couch watching another episode of Wonder Woman. 

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