Friday, October 25, 2013

All Clear!!


Praise the Lord, THEY GOT IT ALL!!!! No more cancer in my cupcake!! We knew that I had responded well to chemo, but it was WAY better than we thought!! The tumor had shrunk down to a measly 1mm!!! My margins are clear (meaning no cancer cells were found at the outer edge of the tissue that was removed)! Dr. T was VERY happy with the results and I can't wait to see Doc Onc on the 4th to "celebrate" with him!! Bring on the radiation!!!
PS. I got a quick peek at Frankenboob's "scar". It wasn't too bad - one spot looked a bit chunky. Should look better by next week.


  1. Just found you on Facebook! Just bawled when I saw that pin:) My son just finished a total of 6 years of chemo for Leukemia. We have done Bald just about everywhere:) It is easier because he is a boy but we have lots of little Bald and Beautiful Princesses that we see each week. Praising God for your healing and for your wonderful Story!

    1. Molly,
      Thank you for your comment. WOW! 6 years of chemo!! What a trooper your son is! I pray that he is doing well! God bless you and your family!!